The Night Life: Exodus of Evil

Spiritual Warfare in Exodus
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If a mans feet slipped on the greasy mass of their crushed bodies, he fell into an indescribably offensive mass of putrid uncleanness, and when he sought water to cleanse himself, the water was solid with frogs, so he got no cleansing there.

The frogs were called krur and represented fruitfulness or fertility. The harming or death of a frog was a capital offense. It was punishable by death in that time, to have every square inch of the land thick with frogs. To feel them crunching beneath your feet. To smell your feared gods rotting in heaps. All this was a death blow to the closed system of their worship.

God was true and powerful, their gods were not. HEQT was hit to show who really created Egypt. This was unannounced. Josephus said they were lice in Talmud but its not in the Hebrew text.

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The most hit group were the priests because of their shaving and purification became unclean. They controlled to a large degree the hearts and minds of the people. GOD alone is holy. No priests are or could make anyone holy! These were blood sucking, caused blindness, that were abhorred. They were not in Goshen, that is a miracle. Only GOD can protect from pestilence.

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Only the Egyptian cows were killed. They were significant to their worship [Davis, p. On November 13, Mariette found an underground avenue 1, feet long with 64 huge burial chambers. Each containing sarcophogi that were 12 feet long, 9 feet high and 6 feet wide. They were made of red and black granite and weighed over 60 tons each.

The worship at Heliopolis used the sacred bull in Sun worship. PTAH was hit to show the god behind that bull was only an impotent demon.

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This plague was devastating to Pharaoh who had vast herds of cattle [ Gen. Camels, donkeys and horses for transportation.

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And after selling it, the money was yours to give away. When they attacked the Israelites, God took the opportunity to destroy them too. Grand Rapids: Baker, I am not sure why they did not know what to do because God had told them at Sinai how to deal with Sabbath-breaking. In a strange incident, he urged Saul to destroy the Amalekites.

Like the 3rd plague this one was unannounced. This plague occurred in late January of early February. The Egyptians of course, had a goddess of the sky and weather named NUT. Two other gods watched over agriculture. The blackened and desolate fields were a tragic testimony of the impotence their deities of wood and stone. The locust plagues were very much feared in ancient Egypt. So much so that the peasants were in the habit of praying to the locust god. In and , small swarms of the African migratory locusts were spotted in an area 50 by miles on the plains of the river Niger near Timbuktu.

The next year swarms invaded Senegal and Sierra Leone. By the whole of west Africa was flailing away at the pests with everything movable. Before the plague finally sputtered out fourteen years after it began, it affected five-million square miles of Africa, an area nearly double the size of the United States [5]. A locust is capable of eating its own weight daily.

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One square mile of a swarm will normally contain from ,, to ,, of the creatures. It is unusual, however, for such plagues to occupy an area of only one square mile. GOD alone can marshals his creatures to do His bidding. The darkness like in the deepest cave could be felt. All of Egypt instantly knew that the source of light was extinguished and for how long, no one knew. Only Israel had light in their dwelling places. The heart of all Egyptian religion was the worship of the sun god, RA.

Does Exodus: Gods and Kings deserve to be banned for historical inaccuracy?

Powerless were the legions of priests that overflowed the largest of all the ancient temples with over miles of walls and gardens, was the Luxor Temple of AMUN RA the Sun god. None rose to defend their titles. None could undo what GOD had done. GOD alone gives the true light to guide individuals to the way, truth and life. Nothing we can imagine can come close to what happened on Passover Night. Life was going on in Egypt.

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From cradle to stall, all the firstborn, known only to God, were struck. The wail and moans must have been indescribably chilling. Only those who trust and obey would be safe. Egypt was powerful, pampered and proud. And on that very night, the Death Angel would make an unforgettable visit. There are some powerful lessons built into the Passover. We must not miss them. What is it about the Passover we must remember? The boy turned bitterly against the church and its teachings, resenting his father for having had time for every sixteen-year-old in town except him, and the father never noticed.

His son was the fiftieth teenager, the one who got away. Wisdom is learning from our own lives and from the lives of others.

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Wisdom matters because good cannot be achieved without it. Good intentions without wisdom lead to either nothing or to actual evil. This needs to be emphasized because many people see fear of God as onerous rather than liberating. Sometimes, of course, the herd is morally right.

That, obviously, is the ideal. But most good is achieved by individuals who have the courage to part from the majority when it is morally wrong. In addition, people tend to act worse in groups than when alone. The herd, not to mention the mob, emboldens people to do bad things they would rarely do if they had no such support. It is the most indispensable trait to both happiness and goodness.

One can neither be a happy person nor a good person without gratitude.

enter site Victims, having been hurt, too often believe they have a license to hurt others. As for happiness, if you think of all the people you know, you will not be able to name one who is ungrateful and happy. The two are mutually exclusive.

And the answer is: Whoever chooses to see. Unfortunately, however, most people remember the bad people have done to them far longer than the good. Or to put it another way, gratitude takes effort; resentment is effortless. Genuine false gods are therefore often beautiful things people come to venerate as ends in and of themselvesā€”things such as education, art, and even love and religion. All of these things are noble when pursued in the service of God and goodness, but when removed from God and goodness, they can lead to evil.

When art is not a vehicle to God and God-centered morality, it often becomes a morally worthless false god. Critics of the Bible who argue the Bible allowed such slavery, and defenders of such slavery who used the Bible, were both wrong.