The Law & the Promise

The Law and the Promise
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We make up little laminated cards for them, with the Promise and the Law on the front and their Circle Group song on the back. I punch a hole in the top and then they can attach it with a safety pin to their sash much safer than expecting them to remember to put it into their pockets for each meeting!

As long as she seems to know it by about half way through the first year. I can appreciate wanting the safety net!


You can download my printable for these cards down below. Typically this is done during the second meeting of the year.

The Law And The Promise by Neville Goddard

The Brownie Promise Relay is an excellent activity to help the girls learn and understand their promise. In this activity, the Promise is cut into strips scattered in a pile and the girls must collect them relay-fashion while their team puts the promise together. I have the strips from the Promise laminated so that we can use them year after year.

Promise and Law

In this activity, girls will break off into their circle groups and come up with actions to go along with the Brownie Law that can help your unit remember it. Then they will come to the sharing circle and preform their Brownie Law.

This really helps it become memorable, and its loads of fun for those need-to-move kids! So remember, as you plan your year, to incorporate the Promise and Law in meaningful, non-intimidating ways! Here are some resources to help you! Promise and Law Bookmarks. The Original Law and Promise. Brownie Promise Washing Line Relay. Promise and Law Activity Guides. Brownie Promise and Law Door Hanger. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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All members promise to live by the same Scout Law, and share the same values of respect, doing what is right, and believing in ones self. This personal commitment also serves to unify members of Scouting.

The Difference Between a Promise and a Law (Galatians 3:17-18)

To assist with the understanding of the Promise and Law, Scouts Australia have a series of resources for Scouts and their adult supporters. The Adventure Begins.

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But the law was temporary 2 Corinthians Or, more literally, they were not thinking things through. FAQs Programming Guide. It helps them to learn it, and in turn it helps to guide them with purpose and direction when they set goals—thus helping them understand it as well. Both an oath and an affirmation can be a promise. The promise fulfilled The law condemned, but the promise, being greater, brought about forgiveness and reconciliation through Christ, who died in the place of sinners Romans

Promise and Law. The Promise and Law is a fundamental part of the Scout Method. In Australia, we have two variations of the Promise. This is most commonly made or reaffirmed during ceremonies and presentations.

The Law is used by all members of Scouting. The Australian Scout Promise and Law. Update: Individual resources have been made available for download. You can also download all the Promise and Law resources here.