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They don't trust the connections that their elected reps have with the execs at the BIG Three My question is; Did you allow your employees to gig you? Did they ever ink your phone or put saran wrap under your toilet seat?

Turn about is fair pay is the appropriate phrase here Jerry! Thanks Gerald! I never had ANY problem with my people messing with me, I always got a kick out of it! Jere Crean. The Outback is like a swiss army knife. Very Comfortable. My wife wont fly and I am not too keen on it anymore.

Glad to see Subaru gaining share. I hope they stay focused on their quality, it's common for a car company that sees fast growth to take their eye off the ball when it comes to quality. I hope that doesn't happen with Subi.

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September 19, pm. Am I liable for this fee when and if not how do I resolve this??? Thanks, Robert.

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In my opinion, there should not be a disposition fee charged here since it was traded in. I would contact Subaru Financial and explain everything. Every lease company is different, but I've never seen disposition charged unless you exercise the walk away option. Jerry Reynolds,. September 19, am.

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If I understand your article on leasing. Do I have that correct? You can trade it in OR purchase it with no penalties. September 17, pm.

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In 5 years these capless systems will be leaking! Check engine lights will come on.

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With fuel injection and the vacuum its creates because it required, I foresee in 5 years these capless systems leaking though losing vacuum pressure needed for fuel injection. September 16, pm. I had my Dodge Dart transmission driver cable brake when car was placed in park. I had the car taken to dealership and I found that a recall was going to be placed on it soon. The dealership stated they couldn't fix it for free yet as the recall wasn't released.

Luckily I had extended warranty with my loan company that paid for most of the bill.

A recently got the recall letter and filed the reimbursement for the whole amount and what I paid not know how it would work. The Dodge rep stated they would refund me for all of it including what warranty company paid. September 17, am. September 15, am. I currently am financing a dogde journy sxt I think it is worth looking at numbers. If you can get a lower mileage car with more features and trade even or close to it, I think it would be a good idea.

That assumes the has a clean history report. I hope it works out great! September 14, pm. I took my Chevy Sonic in back in November to have my final free oil change done.

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Their records show they didn't do an oil change, but did check the oil and it was found to be good, but they reset our oil life indicator on the dash and said they did our oil change when we picked up our vehicle. Fast forward to this last month and our oil indicator light came on saying need oil change soon, so we brought it to a different oil change company, not the dealer, since our two free oil changes were used or so we thought The oil change company told us they could not do our oil change as a result of extreme sludge and we needed to take it back to the place we used most recently because they either used the wrong oil, or they never did the oil change.

Luckily, that same dealer is directly across the street, so I take it to them and tell them what the other place said, either wrong oil was used or they never did the oil change last time. We proceeded to be told we have never been there before from what records are in their system, but I say I have my invoice from November so I'll come back with that to prove to them. We leave the car over the weekend for them to check out and on Monday I bring in the invoice proving they did service our vehicle and magically now they are able to pull up that service once they have the invoice in hand.

They never did the oil change, but did do the free car wash and all the other free things, just not the oil change even though that's what we went there for. They also reset our oil life percentage indicator.


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We asked them to put this under warranty since they were not going to admit fault that they didn't do the oil change. And from everything that I can tell, they are saying we are denied for not having maintenance done on the vehicle.

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We had the oil change done in February , November but they didn't do it and now in August it was time again for oil change. Per the owner's manual it says once a year of oil change, and that our bumper to bumper warranty is per the owner's manual. The service advisor was telling me every 3, miles, but that' seems excessive to me and is not per the owner's manual I'm sitting with a potential dud of a car at the dealer with what seems to be an engine that might be toast at this point they are saying there's extreme sludge and now metal shavings found and not sure where to go from here.

I gave them all of my OnStar reports that show everytime there's been service done, and the oil life percentage reset, but the service advisor is saying they are going to deny the warranty claim. I am not even allowed to see my own vehicle and feel that the service advisor is incompetent. I am at a loss Can I do a car warranty claim myself?

Erika, you need to speak to the General Manager or Owner of the dealership. If all your facts are correct, they should stand behind doing the repairs. If they are not helpful, you'll need to get an Attorney, unfortunately. I hope it works out OK. September 14, am. I have a Ford fusion. It went in for a latch recall due to one of the door not latching while driving.

I also explained that the coolant was leaking and I was getting white smoke out the exhaust on cold start ups.. They seen that it have at least 6 more service recalls and one was a coolant sensor recall. That could cause low coolant level nm leading to cracked head or blown gasket.

Come to find out they are going to replace the whole long block engine. They say it relates to maybe a vaccum oil filter? Said it's kinda sludgy and needs to be replaced or ford probably would warranty new engine going in.

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Yet this would be a cost to me.