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There are still lots of people who walk along this track though, but they're not soldiers. They're regular Aussies hoping to walk in the footsteps of the fallen soldiers before them and they are now coming here in record numbers to tackle the extreme conditions. But while there are lots of people who want to pay tribute to our diggers, this year some have run into trouble.

Kokoda Trail Memorial Walk, Ferntree Gully

Four have died from medical problems in the tough conditions, and others have been injured. Because while lots of Aussies want to climb the track, some may not be fit enough to survive it. And while climbing up a hill like this might be tough - climbing up the ones on the track can be an angle closer to this. The sheer size of the climb is daunting enough. From the lowest point to the highest is nearly metres up.

On top of that is the challenge of rough terrain and big creek crossings. Then there is the slippery mud and finally there is the weather. NATHAN: Scorching temperatures team up with sweltering levels of humidity in the jungles there to make it feel just like in a greenhouse.

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You can understand why people have ended up exhausted and in trouble. For this reason, trekking companies that guide people through here are looking at making climbers pass a fitness test before they can come.

And the government here has already introduced new rules for the companies to follow, to make sure there is enough first aid and help around should things go wrong. Because while this track has already claimed the lives of hundreds of Aussies many years past, no one wants it to claim any more in the future. During the school holidays you might have seen some pretty upsetting pictures from overseas.

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There were two big earthquakes, one in the Pacific ocean caused a Tsunami in Samoa and one hit Sumatra which is an island in Indonesia. Earthquakes happen all the time, all over the world but sometimes it seems like they hit some places more than others. Sarah's had a look at why Samoa and Sumatra are on particularly shaky ground.

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Another story that caused headlines while we were on holidays was a huge dust storm that blanketed a large part of Australia. It was definitely no ordinary storm - it put people in hospital and caused chaos in lots of places.

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One of our Sydney journos, Alfie, was in the middle of it, so he decided to find out why it happened. How are you at finding you way around the city?

4 Reasons Why the Kokoda Trail Should Be on Your Bucket List | Wo

Pretty good? Well imagine how you'd go if you couldn't see very well - or if you were completely blind. There are lots of people who do manage it every day but it takes a lot of practice and some pretty amazing skills. Sarah's been hanging out with some kids who are vision impaired to find out just how they find their way around.

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Kokoda Trail for Dummies - Kindle edition by Peter Williams. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Everything you need to know about the Kokoda Trail and its place in Australian history. Interest in the Kokoda Trail is growing rapidly among many Australians.

Open eBook Preview. Everything you need to know about the Kokoda Trail and its placein Australian history Interest in the Kokoda Trail is growing rapidly among manyAustralians, both for its attraction as a hiking destination andfor its historical significance.

Kokoda For Dummies offers afast track tool for learning everything you need to know about thisunique thoroughfare, in one concise volume. Covering the full history of the Kokoda Trail, from itsbeginnings as an overland mail route to the fierce battles betweenthe Australians and the Japanese that took place along its lengthduring World War II, the book also includes important informationon walking the trail yourself.


From the steps you need to take toget ready to what to bring, Kokoda For Dummies is thedefinitive resource for anyone looking for a comprehensive overviewof this significant landmark. A comprehensive but accessible history of the Kokoda Trail andits significance to Australia, in one volume. No reviews were found. Please log in to write a review if you've read this book.

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There are still lots of people who walk along this track though, but they're not soldiers. Hot, humid days with intensely cold nights, torrential rainfall and the risk of endemic tropical diseases such as malaria make it a challenging trek. Do they pay guides and porters reasonable wages? Our team will walk you through this incredible and spine tingling history, recounting many stories of heroism, courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice. It was a really important site during the Second World War, so now record numbers are tackling it.

Store Kokoda Trail for Dummies. Focuses on walking the track as a pilgrimage and a historylesson for history buffs and hiking enthusiasts alike Covers the health and safety concerns involved with walking thetrack, including a basic Kokoda itinerary Contains eyewitness accounts of the Kokoda battles gleaned frominterviews conducted with Australian and Japanese war veterans A comprehensive but accessible history of the Kokoda Trail andits significance to Australia, in one volume.